How much can I receive from unpaid invoices?

    If your invoices total $20K, you will receive $16K.

    If your invoices total $100K, you will receive $80K.
    Usually 80% of total amount*.

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    *To approved applicants

    Who are we?

    Business Cashflow Solutions, a division of NBF, is a privately owned business which operates independently of the banks.

    We provide a range of finance and cashflow solutions to businesses throughout Australia. 

    We can help with cashflow solutions

    Cashflow solutions

    Invoice Factoring

    Also known as Debtor Finance or Accounts Receivables Finance. You submit your invoices to us and we pay you about 80% of value. The balance of 20% less our fees, will be forwarded to you after your debtors have paid.

    Cashflow solutions

    Quick Approval

    Usually approved within 24 hours. No collateral, no credit check, no tedious paperwork and no bank to deal with. Your debtor invoices are our security.

    Cashflow solutions

    Business Working Capital

    Invoice factoring gives quick access to cash for business working capital. Whether it is funding the operating cycle or seasonal inventory buildup or business expansion, factoring fnance is an effective solution to cashflow.

    Here are some industries we facilitate with cashflow solutions